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View Your Development Website Prior to Launch by Editing Your Hosts File

Editing the Local Hosts File on Windows 7 and Windows 8

WHAT’S THE PURPOSE FOR DOING THIS? When you are in the process of developing a new website, often its a GREAT idea to check out HOW the development site will look BEFORE you actually launch it and make it live at your registered domain (i.e. www.your-domain.com). The absolute best way to do this is by […]

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How to build AWESOME landing pages with OptimizePress

Build Awesome Landing Pages With OptimizePress

Landing pages are an important part of your online marketing because they have one clear focus, to convert visitors into leads. Directing visitors to your homepage can cause less lead conversion since visitors will get distracted with all the information and leave the site (or page) since there is no clear call to action to […]

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Why WPEngine Hosting was NOT Good for our Online Marketing Campaign

WordPress Hosting Datacenter

When it comes to hosting environments, online marketing campaigns typically require a robust level of access, authority, & flexibility to provide the highest level of functionality, analytics, & reporting. While deploying 2 separate Landing Pages for a client of ours whose site was hosted at WPEngine, we ran into several issues.     1. By […]

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The Cleanest, Most Efficient Way to Upgrade from WordPress 3.1 to WordPress 4.x

Upgrading WordPress 3.1 To 4.0

Recently, a new client of ours came to us with 2 MAJOR problems; 1) The version of their website’s WordPress Content Management System (CMS) was EXTREMELY outdated at version 3.1 and 2) Their site had been infected by a virus that caused defacement of certain pages within the site. Needless to say, we went straight […]

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