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DIY Online Marketing Session 1 – Strategy

DIY Online Marketing - Session 1: Strategy

Welcome to the Do-It-Yourself (or DIY) Online Marketing Course. This is Session 1, and it starts at the very beginning, which is creating an Online Marketing Strategy. The goal here is to empower to you to run a business effectively online by starting with a comprehensive strategy. We will move through all of the basics of setting […]

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4 Elements of an Exciting Sports Marketing Video

Dallas Mavericks Sports Marketing Video

The excitement of sports at ALL levels (Amateur, High School, College, and the Pros) is largely dependent on the reaction of fans to feeling as if they’re “part of the action”. In sports, fans can mean ALL THE DIFFERENCE in a having a successful season. With one of the most active fan-bases in all of […]

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How to fix “The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content” error message

WordPress the uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content

At some point in your WordPress admin career and ESPECIALLY if you are in the business of migrating websites from one server to another you will EVENTUALLY encounter this error message when attempting to add images to your media library: “<image-name> has failed to upload due to an error. The uploaded file could not be […]

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Garron Weeks, Aerial Drone Videographer Featured On WFAA Channel 8 News

2Surge Drone Videographer Garron Weeks on WFAA Channel 8 News

Tonight Ted Madden with the local Dallas ABC news station (channel 8 WFAA), aired a segment which showcased the AMAZING video work of Garron Weeks, our resident Video Editing Director. The full segment can be seen below: Without sounding partial to the fact that Garron works for 2Surge =0) … some things we REALLY liked […]

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