FREE Internet Marketing Business Plan
Including Competitive Analysis & Website Assessment

First we ASSESS your current Industry, Competitors, and Website in order for YOU to compete!

As you might know…this is an IMPORTANT exercise and will help you and us determine the amount of work that lay ahead.

Because of this, we take great care in creating EACH assessment report and make sure to present our findings as accurately as possible.


  • Avoid Picking Competitive or Unpopular Keyphrases – By performing a comprehensive keyphrase research, you will be able to target the most optimal keywords when developing content for your site.
  • Identify how competitors are leveraging Paid Search – This helps you budget for an ideal amount for paid search campaigns to overtake them in search traffic.
  • Spy on your competitor’s primary backlink sources – This allows you to ALSO HARVEST key backlinks in order to rank for organic searches.
  • Measure Social Engagement – Another online marketing success factor is how engaged competitors are within the top social media channels.

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Our Assessments Include:

WEBSITE ANALYSIS: An Optimized Website Is Critical To Online Success

We review your current website and check for optimization issues, aesthetics best practices, whether or not a CMS (content management system) is being used, the presence of reporting and analyitcs, etc.

Another critical factor in the architectural measurement of your site is the speed in which each page loads. All major search engines (Google, Yahoo, & Bing) now place a significant weight on this measurement when determining where to rank you!

After these initial details about the site are gathered, we compose a narrative to offer our best practices and recommendations for further optimizing the site.

DIRECTORY CITATIONS: Or Profile Listings For Your Business Help In Local Search Results

Citations are “mentions” of your business name and address on other websites or pages, even if a link to your website is NOT present. For example, Yellow Page Listings, Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, FourSquare, etc. are ALL great examples of Citations.

Additionally, citations are a key component of the ranking algorithms of the major search engines. Other factors being equal, businesses with a greater number of citations will most likely rank higher than businesses with fewer citations.

Our review of YOUR citations will point out: where you are missing critical FREE citations listings, errors on existing citations, and ways in which you can promote your website to be picked up by numerous other citation web sources.

BACKLINK ANALYSIS: Backlinks Are The Currency Of The Internet

Need we say more? Backlinks are one of THE SINGLE MOST critical aspects to measure and compare.

Backlinks are defined as links that are directed towards your website from websites OTHER than yours. The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of your website and is VERY IMPORTANT in the ranking of your site.

Our review and comparison of backlinks amongst your competitors help identify the amount of work required to catch up to those who are ranking in the position(s) you seek. Typically this means a fair amount of new, original content must be generated and blogged about as well as proactively we must seek out links (forum profiles, blog comments, etc.)

SOCIAL & CONTENT: Social Engagement & Content Marketing Help Attract Prospects

Recently (within the last year or so), your Social Media activity carries a MUCH LARGER weight in the overall ranking of your site than EVER before. In this measurement, we gauge how active you are socially as compared to others within your industry. A key output of this area is the creation of plan for you to ENGAGE EVEN MORE to help with your social footprint.

The most important factor that effects social media interaction is the amount of rich, quality content on your website. Content serves as the all-important discussion points to “share” with your network peers. It helps to start conversations, can easily be shared and promoted by others, and can even be controversial.

PAID SEARCH: A Comparison Of Your Competition's Paid Search Efforts

As the Internet becomes more and more competitive for ALL phrases (but especially, “insurance”, “mortgage”, “online gambling”, etc.) those websites entering into the market AFTER key players have already established high rankings will typically leverage Paid Search to help boost traffic to their site.

How much should you spend in Paid Search? That question is best answered by reviewing the approximate monthly spend of your competitors on paid search. While you rarely have to MATCH their paid search expense levels, you do have to spend at least some portion of the average budget in order to get traffic quickly to YOUR site and away from the competitors.

KEYPHRASE RESEARCH: We Reccommend Only THE Most Effective Keyphrases

Another FOUNDATIONAL ITEM on which to build a successful only marketing campaign are the ALL-IMPORTANT keyphrases. We assist you by determining which keyphrases are most popular among your competitors as well as others within your industry.

Secondly, we research and determine which keyphrases are considered “Low Hanging Fruit”. These are phrases which have a healthy monthly search volume (at least 1,500 per) AND have relatively LOW competition (under 250,000 competing sites). Once these unique phrases are identified, they become strong contenders for our final KEYPHRASE RECOMMENDATION LIST.

We always prefer a healthy keyphrase list comprised of both shorter phrases (2 – 5 works) as well as longtail phrases (those with more than 5 words) to target.