Local SEO Packages & Pricing
3 Great Options To Increase Website Traffic AND Revenue

All 3 Local Search Optimization packages below include: A Dedicated Account Manager, Monthly Website Traffic Reports, and Monthly Website Analysis Reports


Express Package

$750 Month-to-Month, Cancel Anytime

  • LOW Local Competition
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Up to 4
  • Google+
  • Up to 20 pgs
  • 20/month
  • Yes
  • Up to 2 geo pgs
  • Up to 15/month
  • 8/month

Standard Package

$1,050 Month-to-Month, Cancel Anytime

  • MODERATE Local Competition
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Up to 8
  • Google+, Facebook
  • Up to 40 pgs
  • 30/month
  • Yes
  • Up to 4 geo pgs
  • Up to 25/month
  • 12/month

Professional Package

$1,750 Month-to-Month, Cancel Anytime

  • HIGH Local Competition
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Up to 12
  • Google+, Facebook
  • Entire Site
  • 40/month
  • Yes
  • 6+ geo pgs
  • Up to 35/month
  • 16/month

The following definitions better explain (in detail) each of the features of our Local Search Optimization packages.

Ideal For Companies With:
The Local Search Optimization that best suits your company is based on the competition level in your local area. A LOW competition level indicates that you are in a fairly niche industry with only a handful of competitors and under 200 searches for your products/services per month. Moderate competition indicates around a dozen or so competitors and searches in the range of 300-500 searches per month. While HIGH competition means there are many competitors to choose from and around 700+ searches per month.

Competitive Research:
We determine the best Local Search Optimization package for you based on local competition in your area. There are 2 main indicators we review: 1) Specific search phrases that bring in the MOST search per month as well as 2) How many of your competitors are ALSO trying to rank for those phrases. The higher the number on both of these metrics indicates the level of competition (and amount of work) required to get YOUR website to rank.

Strategic Plan of Action:
Successful projects ALWAYS include a Strategic Plan to guide relevant tasks and each of our Local Search Optimization packages are no different. We schedule each task according to the impact on the overall ranking of your site and follow the best-practice recommendations of the 3 main search engines: Google, Yahoo, & Bing.

Targeted Keyphrases:
With each of our Local Search Optimization packages, we perform extensive Keyphrase Research to pinpoint exactly which phrases are considered to be “Low Hanging Fruit” (i.e. a significant search volume, but not much competition). After that, we measure the AMOUNT of competition by each of the top 10 ranking sites for EACH phrase and put together a plan to go after each position in the hopes of reaching spot #1 for each.

Business Anchor Pages:
The purpose of implementing Business Anchor Pages is to validate your website with services like Google+ (Google’s Social Media Network) and Facebook. Search engines assume that if you have a valid business page on either of these 2 services, then you are likely a LEGITIMATE business whose physical address has already been confirmed. Depending on the Local Search Optimization package you select, we will implement either one or both of these.

Reputation Monitoring:
Since the inception of the Internet, consumers have been empowered to voice their likes and dislikes about products and brands online. While this is absolutely a good thing for obtaining positive reviews about your company, it can also wreak havoc when one upset customer lambasts you across the web. Our Reputation Monitoring Service offers built in alerts to this whenever your brand is mentioned on the web. We notify you in the case of EITHER favorable or non-favorable postings so that you can take action accordingly.

Local Geo Page(s):
A Local Geo Page is a single page that we add to your website that SPECIFICALLY targets your geographic region along with the all-important keyphrases we’ve identified as most optimal. This page will contain elements like: Name/Address/Phone Number (NAP), an embedded Google map, a short contact us form, testimonials, local awards and/or affiliate and group memberships and more! The purpose here is to have a single Landing Page that promotes your company EXCLUSIVELY within the geographic region you serve.

A backlink is a link from some other website that points BACK to your website (thus the name backlink). Our goal is to have as many relevant backlinks on 3rd party, HIGH-Authority sites as possible linking back to your site. Backlinks are considered to be a STRONG Ranking Signal from Google and are definitely worth the effort to obtain. We utilize Blog Commenting, Forum Posting, Guest Blog Posting, Press Announcements, and other techniques to obtain high-quality backlinks

Social Media Posts:
Another VERY STRONG Ranking Signal from Google is your activity and engagement on Social Media sites. It’s REALLY Important that you establish and maintain a solid presence and engage with customers and potential customers whenever possible. This not only helps build BRAND AWARENESS about your company, but it also allows you to generate new leads, offers discounts and promotions quickly, and give customers insight into your company.