Wireless Technology Website Design

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Wireless PSC is a progressive wireless technology company based in California. They decided to build a professional and engaging website that would showcase their various vendor relationships and product lines. Other desired features of the site were to demonstrate their consulting capabilities, product demos, and solutions.

In order to move forward with the new website project, Wireless PSC gathered all their copy, images, brochures and other marketing materials. These items were presented to the 2Surges’ design team during the project kickoff meeting.



The 2Surge team successfully designed, tested, and implemented the new website in time for the company launch. To date, Wireless PSC staff are able to update content and images within the site which exponentially cuts down on turnaround time to implement new content into the site.

  • Designed an easy-to-use, yet professional looking website for their company launch
  • Showcased important site elements like Products, Services, Demos, and the Consulting Practice
  • Developed, designed, tested, and launched the new site in time for the official company / website launch.
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