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The Perfect Party Girl (TPPG) wanted to implement not only a new image and marketing direction for their company, but also anchor those efforts to a NEW website to serve as their media hub. By having a new website designed, TPPG would then be able to expand their offerings and present potential clients with an engaging, yet unique style which corresponds to their approach to how they customize and manage events for their clients.

By first discussing the STRATEGY and DIRECTION for the new website redesign campaign, it became obvious that the new look for the company should appeal DIRECTLY to their core customers – Women who loved intimate parties with style and character. Another key element that had to come across in the imagery of the site was that EACH event is uniquely designed through a collaborative process with the client’s feedback. This is an obvious differentiator for TPPG amongst their competition where events follow a cookie-cutter approach.



The strategic approach to finalizing a design happened through a series of meeting between Kim Sunlin (Owner of TPPG) and her Marketing Director at 2Surge. 2Surge was able to present Kim with several mockups that SPOKE DIRECTLY to the messaging decided upon for the company. The final decision was based on a design style that captured the essence of “Custom and Collaborative Party Planning” and features soft mauve and light pink color styling accented with a feminine script font.

  • Redesigned The Perfect Party Girl website with a COMPLETELY new look and presentation
  • Focused the new messaging around the core “Custom and Collaborative Party Planning” mantra
  • Launched the new website in time for the 2013 Holiday party planning season (Oct – Dec)
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