How Dallas SEO Companies Can Assist
Your Internet Marketing Efforts & Increase Revenue

When planning your Online Marketing Strategy, you should always include a healthy mix of Search Engine Optimization (better known as SEO). Most all Dallas SEO Companies are well-versed in the techniques described below.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to the success of getting your website (otherwise known as your media hub) the exposure it needs in search engine rankings and results. Over time your organic rankings will drive more and more traffic to your website for relatively little or no cost when compared to the alternative of paid search marketing (or Pay-Per-Click).

The goal of modern-day search engine optimization techniques is for you to produce LOTS and LOTS of quality content. Blog posts, eBooks, Industry Specific Articles, Videos, and more are examples of content that when created properly will get indexed by search engines and shared out amongst customers and prospects.

Additionally, in order to keep up with the ever-changing Google algorithm updates … any content you create MUST be of the HIGHEST QUALITY, which means producing content that people ACTUALLY want to read and share as opposed to just writing for writing’s sake.

Start With GREAT Content, THEN Move On To Social Outreach

Free Dallas SEO and Online Marketing SeminarThe reason why you should focus on building a rich library of quality content BEFORE engaging in any full fledged social media outreach is that you NEED references of content to point back at when engaging with someone online socially. By proceeding in this manner, you have a much greater chance of appearing as a Subject Matter Expert to anyone with whom you’re engaged with online. For many, this is the NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS in the modern age of online marketing. High Quality Content will always entice people to share with their coworkers, friends, and others.

But writing and producing large volumes of quality content is always the first step in properly optimizing your website for search engine optimization. After your content is produced you must go back and ensure that the proper elements i.e. title tag description tag keyword tags and others artificially completed in order to be attractive to most all search engines. This involves a fair amount of technical abilities many of which we talk about in this very website here.

Always remember the absolute first priority of any content you ever create or produce is to write singularly for your audience. You are never too right in the form or fashion that is specific to Google search engines. As a matter of fact most search engines are now intelligent enough to be able to find and penalize those who write content in a specific manner in which to simply get rankings. Most Dallas Seo companies including our very own are well aware that content should be created for consumption of humans and not targeted specifically to search engines.

The focus is now squarely targeted to social media.

As a most recent search engine ranking factors for the year 2013 show, social media triggers such as Facebook likes read tweets Facebook share and others comprise seven of the top eight search engine ranking factors. The only one nonsearch nonsocial media search ranking factor is the total number of quality back links pointing to your website. What this tells us as Azio engineers is simply that quality content more than any other type of content will obviously get shared by more people online if it actually serves to benefit the reader. Again the algorithms for search engines understand that the more social media triggers relevant to a website and it’s content and the more relevant that website is to appear at the top of search engine rankings.