WordPress is THE NUMBER 1 Website Platform in use Today and we know it well!

The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) has eclipsed both Drupal and Joomla to retain the title of the MOST USED CMS system for websites across the globe. With a strong community of support, rich plugin library, and constant updates and upgrades, WordPress is something every good designer and developer should have experience with. In the articles below, we outline our OWN insight and experiences with this one-of-a-kind web platform.

The Cleanest, Most Efficient Way to Upgrade from WordPress 3.1 to WordPress 4.x

Upgrading WordPress 3.1 To 4.0

Recently, a new client of ours came to us with 2 MAJOR problems; 1) The version of their website’s WordPress Content Management System (CMS) was EXTREMELY outdated at version 3.1 and 2) Their site had been infected by a virus that caused defacement of certain pages within the site. Needless to say, we went straight […]

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Add code snippets to your WordPress blog post using the code and pre tags

Add Code Snippets to WordPress using Code and Pre Tags

First of all, let me say one thing…. NEVER USE A PLUGIN WHEN A BIT OF CSS WILL DO THE TRICK! Great… now that I’ve got that off my chest. No seriously, we all should strive to have the cleanest, most pristine WordPress sites we can possibly have. This means running lean-and-mean on the plugin […]

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How to fix captions NOT being displayed on WordPress blog post featured images

Displaying Featured Image Captions in WordPress

First of all… why in the WORLD would your blog posts NOT be displaying the caption you so CAREFULLY added to the image (when uploaded to the media library) you’ve set as the featured image of your blog post? The answer lies (mostly) within the specific coding of your WordPress theme. It most likely was […]

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Setting media thumbnails to 0 (zero) does NOT prevent multiple image creation in WordPress

Setting WordPress Media Thumbnails to Zero

So you’ve Googled something like “How to prevent WordPress from creating multiple thumbnail images” and you come across COUNTLESS numbers of posts that say to simply adjust your thumbnail values under SETTINGS – MEDIA to 0 (zero) and all the multiple images will magically stop being created. So you make the adjustments as stated… yet […]

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